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Nature-loving life-learning hula-hooping sunshine fish: UK, France, Japan, Micronesia.

Old truths, now truths, and some eternal truths that keep me scratching my head.

1. Why people keep talking about going ‘back to normal’

2. Why the UK was so slow to react

To mr dad: poem to a never-met father who lives 40-miles away

Image: googlemap where he lives/(lived?) to where he didn’t want to go

I thought if I wrote, then maybe we could
Meet up — I wanted to believe you were good
Though you’ve not given me any reason to think this way
I wanted to think it anyway
Just to meet up and chat some day
It’s not like I ever wanted you to stay

The time’s long passed for you to ever be a dad
But I still don’t believe you’re 100% bad
And though I still persist, you’re still ignoring
I know I don’t know your end of the story

But I’ve been doing my very best to reach you…

Image credit: ‘Nazar Battu’ enricaswickedorium, with permission

Poem on Avoiding Failure by Doing More than…

Being Your Billionaire Self

Image: author’s own front yards (Clockwise: rented homes in Micronesia ($750), Japan ($350), free camping, Suffolk)

If I had a billion dollars I’d…

Turns out your billionaire self might not be so expensive after all.

quit my job,

Poem on Procrastination’s Fun Cousin

When you’ve too much to do in too little time
Why not put off your work longer with a trip to the sublime?
There’s nothing wrong with some self-gratification
Enjoy multiple benefits of procrasturbation

Who needs drugs to combat stress
When infinite treasures lie await under the dress
You’ll need no time at all to reach your next fix
When you learn your way well round your own box of tricks

You may well debate whether to procrasturbate
So it might not happen right away
But soon off you’ll trot
To your secretive spot
For a well-deserved moment of play

An open letter to Red Bull with 21 positive campaigns to improve our environment

Having recently filled 12 large bin bags from ninja litter-picking a 3km footpath, I was struck by how few energy-drink drinkers had enough energy to throw their litter in the bin. Included in this open letter are 21 positive campaigns Red Bull can do to demonstrate their commitment to the beautiful environment we call home.

Image: author’s own

Dear the Red Bull,

I am writing to you because it appears some of your wings have holes in them, through which Red Bull cans are falling from the sky and being scattered across the great outdoors.

The athletes of various sports you support —…

Poem about a quite different place

My dimension is the best place to be
But things are quite different, as I’m sure you shall see

In my dimension the birds speak French
And roses produce the most foul-smelling stench
Children are teachers and every weekday
Grown-ups go to school to learn how to play
We walk on the clouds and gaze up to the floor
And unlock our houses to get in the door
Drivers drive round in king-size beds
And how do we sleep? Why, we stand on our heads!

So things are quite different, as I’m sure you can see
That my dimension is the…

A dive into the hazards included in emergency plans of community colleges in California and Pacific islands.

While you might think that institutions of higher education are good at learning, a quick look at their emergency planning suggests otherwise. Emergencies which happen with relatively high frequency, such as suicide or cyber attacks, are rarely considered in college’s emergency plans. On the other hand, threats occurring with relatively low frequency such as active shooters, bomb threats, and terrorism — feature highly. If you work in higher education and felt ill-prepared for today’s emergencies, the only consolation I can offer is that you are not alone.

The Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) lists 137 accredited institutions…

21 Dives In Swimming Pools Around the World

Location and price per swim given in USD.

1. Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, UK — $7.64

“Beach-ready” to go to the swimming pool during a pandemic.

2. Bedok Swimming Complex, Singapore — $1.50

Simple Ways to Explore Curiosity When You’re Burnt Out

Feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion? Reduced professional efficacy?Negativity, cynicism, or increasing mental distance from your job? If these symptoms are familiar to you, you could be burnt out, which was defined by the World Health Organization as an occupational phenomenon “resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed”. In James Altucher’s podcast episode 701, he spoke with Natalie Rachel of, who recommended being curious as one way to transform yourself.

Here are 21 ways that you can explore curiosity with low energy.

  1. Get lost!
  2. Enforce a mid-day bedtime, for example, one hour after lunch, even…

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