Nature-loving life-learning hula-hooping sunshine fish: UK, France, Japan, Micronesia.

An exposé on the social, environmental and legal concerns facing the world’s greatest chocolate maker

A bowl of assorted Wonka chocolates and chocolate bars.
Environmental, social and legal concerns make Wonka’s chocolate not-so-sweet. Image: author’s own.

Willy Wonka’s factory is driving biodiversity loss at home and overseas while land grabs are standard practice. Mr Wonka has displaced an entire indigenous community from their native lands and bred them in captivity to work for him. The true nature of Wonka’s modus operandi is startling. …

21 Things I Learnt about Gender Diversity in the Arts from Reviewing What’s On at ‘The Apex’ Live Music and Entertainment Venue

Dame Evelyn Glennie plays percussion with the World Doctors Orchestra at The Apex, October 2021. Image: author’s own.

Released from long lockdowns and cautiously venturing out into the world, many are eager to enjoy live music and events. Scrolling through what’s on at Suffolk venue The Apex looked a lot like a male-dominated sausage-fest so I decided to review the information and publicity on 62 events scheduled between…

Introducing Play in Education, Development and Learning at the Faculty of Education, Cambridge University

A little boy kneels on a table covered with Lego bricks with his sister sitting next to him building a Lego tower.
Two kids playing Lego on the dining room table. Image: author’s own.

What does play mean to you?
When was the last time you acted creatively?
Is creativity the grown-up word for play?

Picture yourself when you were a child playing, what were you doing? How did you feel? Who were you with? Play makes us smile, connects us with others and…

A first-time server at a Vipassana centre shares what serving a course might look like and why you may or may not choose to give it a go

A meditation cushion on the floor with blanket around it where a meditator has left it.
Meditator working elsewhere. Image: author’s own.

Who takes nearly two weeks off to cook, clean, and work for 50 non-paying visitors. For free?

Vipassana meditators.

Vipassana meditation centres and those working there aim to create an environment in which meditators — called ‘students’ — can best learn and benefit from the technique, removed from the distractions…

Poem about the annual marrow insurgency

Courgettes (zucchinis) growing into marrows. Image: author’s own.

If you let a zucchini
- also known as courgette - grow
It gets massive in an instant
Et voilà — this is a marrow!

There are many ways to eat it
Grate it raw into courgetti
Or cook it into ratatouille -
Serve with spaghetti

At first it’s fun…

11.5-days rowing 143-miles from Bristol to London in Tramp, a mahogany skerry rowing boat

A pair of blistered dirty hands presented on a map of the inland waterways of Britain
Hands after 5-days rowing. Image: author’s own.

[Too Long Didn’t Read]

Launching from Bristol harbour, we weren’t sure how many miles, locks, or days’ rowing lay between us two adventurers and our destination Fulham Reach Boat Club on the River Thames. 143 miles, 129 locks, 24 tins of beans, 11.5 …

21 UK Oddities Explained for the Uninitiated

1. British people like sunburn

A bad sunburn stripe on thighs with white lower legs.
The Great British tradition of silly sunburn. Image: author’s own.

Is it because of generally not-getting-enough-sun that the Brits like to out-dazzle one another, baring as much skin as they can as soon as the sun peeps out? Baked, fried and burnt are all easy to spy on a sunny summer’s evening — you might wonder how someone can be…

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